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Strengthening Values, 
Culture and Traditions of every Filipino-Americans

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Kabayan Inc. 
Filipino-American Community of Matsu


KABAYAN INC. Scholarship Program was created to honor and support current high school seniors who demonstrate commitment in their academic achievements and help their community as they further their education beyond high school. This scholarship was intended for the next generation of community leaders – those who will stand up and show their purpose and create true change in the world around them. We thank the suport of our community sponsors.This is the first year of our scholarship program and we are excited that one of our goals is now possible! 

Health and Wellness

Zumba In The Park –  Helping the community get excited about physical activity by becoming an active and fit resident, and spreading the important message about how physical activity plays a critical role in bettering health! A Zumba Certified Instructor will be leading this event.

3 pm Saturdays at Wonderland Park June through July. July 27th will be at 11 am for the end of season party!


Emergency Preparedness will be our topic for this year. Learn and discuss how to make a family plan, build an emergency kit, what items should be included and the proper way to store it. The workshop will also teach basic prevention or mitigation strategies that you can use in your home to protect your family and valuables.


Thank you to our Community Partners!

Supporting healthier families in the Mat-Su Valley

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Membership and/or donations help fund the programs of Kabayan Inc. to fulfill our purposes and mission to support students and families in the Mat-Su Valley and Philippines when calamity happens.
To begin FACOM Membership select the appropriate  membership option below and click the “Pay Now” button. Please be sure to fill the form as detailed as possible. 



per year

  • 2 or more adults in the same household
  • Includes up to 2 children in the same household
  • Reserve table on events

“If I can’t do GREAT THINGS,can do small things in a GREAT WAY.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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