PROMOTING Filipino Cultural Awareness

Who Is Kabayan Inc. MatSu?

Kabayan Inc. is dedicated to Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in the Matsu Valley.
Therefore, we promote Filipino cultural awareness in the Valley by covering topics about educational resources and health and wellness programs.

For example, here you will find information on community awareness, health and prevention programs. In addition, Kabayan Inc. provides information on volunteer opportunities and ways to give back to the community

Check back often to see the most current events and updates because new information will be added weekly. For example, you will find information about education, health and wellness, as well as community awareness and prevention programs. In addition, there will be cultural information on immigration and consular outreach, and cultural awareness.

Kabayan Inc. also desires to give back to the communities in the Philippines. Unfortunately, many children in the Philippines struggle just to get an education. But they do not have enough resources to succeed. Therefore, our goal is to partner together to help these children be able to go to school. Moreover, we believe that working in unity, we can improve the lives not only of the children in the Philippines, but here locally as well! As a result, we invite you to be a part of making a better life for our MatSu and Philippine children and youth.

Where We Started

In 2010, we began as an informal group of Playdate Moms, gathering almost every month at a set place or home. First, our young kids were provided the opportunity play together.  Second, it provided us Moms a place to come together in friendship and support. Third, we brought cooked food and we were able to sit down and eat our traditional Filipino foods together.  Most importantly though, the women shared stories, laughter and helped one another in times of need. The group continued to meet informally until 2015. During this time, we caught the vision that as a group we could do more for the entire community, if we work together.

Where We’re Headed

As a result, Kabayan Inc. was formally created in January 2016. It is now a non-profit to benefit the Mat-Su Valley and Philippine families. In everything we do, we strive to:

– Promote The Filipino Culture
– Practice The Filipino Traditions
– Support The Unity Of Every Filipino-American in Alaska by providing effective programs and services to every Alaskan, through cultural charitable and educational activities, regardless of race and ethnicity.

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